Review: Death du Jour

Death du Jour
Death du Jour by Kathy Reichs
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kathy Reichs’ novel, “Death Du Jour” takes the reader into the world of forensic anthropology. There were many times that I tended to skip over a lot of the medical stuff, wanting to get to the nitty-gritty parts of the story. Tempe Brennan is a highly respected forensic anthropologist and she has been called upon to examine and report on the bones of Sister Elisabeth Nicolet, whome the Catholic church wishes to have entered into sainthood. While Tempe is in Quebec, she gets called upon to help out with what appears to be a murder/suicide – and it involves the death of babies. Other strange situations begin to squirm their ways into her already complicated life, all seeming somehow to be connected – and not in a very nice way. Tempe returns to the Carolinas and is faced with more murders and more disappearing people, including her own sister who seems to be involved in some sort of cult, altering her personality … and then, after digging deeper, Tempe discovers there is a possible connection between the murders in Quebec and the happenings in the Carolinas. She teams up with a handsome French police officer (always nice to add a touch of romance) and together they finally solve the case. It wasn’t until I had actually finished the book that I found out the television program “Bones” is fashioned from Reichs writings.
I would have given this book a 3-1/2 star, because despite all the medical jargon that I skimmed over, “Death Du Jour” had a very surprise ending. Well worth the read if you enjoy a good suspense. I look forward to reading more of Reichs’ work.

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