What Happened in Cuba, Stays in Cuba – Part two

Part Two
© Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour

The title of this blog says it all! However, this is only the case if the group of people who travel together do not have a writer in their midst!
On with the story…
The frivolity of our group was not to be outdone by anyone. Even I, known as the quiet, serious wife of Ed, allowed some of my “other side” to show through. C, an elderly gentleman in our group was constantly on the prowl. Talk of Viagra and Cialis filtered around the table. On one occasion, I boldly and quickly replied: “Sorry, C, Alice is booked up for the next two weeks!” To which there was a great deal of shock, and then laughter! My next perfect moment, to prove I too could be fun, was when CH (who is Polish) sat in quiet contemplation after mentioning that he was going to think about what he was good at. After several seconds of him not being able to come up with an answer, I said: “Polish sausage.” Another round of laughter, and a nod to the not-so-serious side of me.
Day two began with a walk on the beach with Ed before heading up for breakfast. I gathered shells and pieces of coral for my granddaughters, Alora and Kalani. After breakfast, Ed and I met up with some of our group. Ed decided to go into Varadaro with V. I stayed at the resort. I wanted to do some writing, and talk with the Sunwing representative about some possible adventures Ed and I might go on.
I began a new story, “Toby Goes to Cuba.” It is a suspense/ comedy, and will be the second book in my “Toby Series,” which I plan to write. However, they all have to wait until the final book in the “Night’s Vampire Trilogy” is completed…
Enough about me, though, and on with what is happening in Cuba…
As I mentioned, I wrote for a while and then had lunch, and then wrote some more while waiting for the Sunwing Rep. She went over all the trips that were available, and I was about ready to book three of them when Ed returned from Varadaro. I double-checked with him before making my final decisions––good thing I did. Due to the early leaving of many of the trips, he said we would have to discuss what we could do before booking. Good thing he came along when he did!
I was most interested in making sure I got to Havana. V, B, and C had met a woman who said she was going to organize a van to take a group of people to Havana, thinking it would be much cheaper. Original planned day was Monday––didn’t happen. Next, it was to be Friday––didn’t seem to be happening. Ed and I sat down with CH and K to discuss trips, all agreeing if we didn’t do something soon, the week would be spent, and we would have gone nowhere!
Sunday evening, we attended the Michael Jackson Tribute show. Shows are put on every night at the resorts. Ed laughed through the entire performance. Why? Well, let’s just say that my husband found it funny that MJ had to keep adjusting his family jewels!
Back in our room, I decided to check my phone messages, despite not having purchased a phone package for Cuba. Great! There was a message from daughter Alex. She would be joining us for a couple days, arriving on Tuesday afternoon around 2:00. However, she had been unable to reach the hotel in order to book a room. Ed and I said we would arrange it for her. I looked forward to her time with us––my little butterfly (rightfully named due to her personality and her job as a Flight Attendant) is so much fun to have around!
There was also another fantastic message on my phone, from number one daughter, Jerusa. Ultra sound results were in––she is having a boy! That will make two granddaughters and two grandsons for Ed and me––how blessed we are.
Good night…
Day three…
Up early, as usual. It promised to be a fabulous day. While Ed was still catching a few extra winks, I took my pen out and did some writing. After our morning walk on the beach, and collecting more shells, the day went downhill. I still did not have any excursions booked, and I was afraid I might not get to see Havana. Obtaining a room for Alex became a nightmare. We ended up having to book the room via another resort, so when she arrived at our hotel, she and Ed took the taxi to the resort next door in order to book her room where we were. And then, the first room she was assigned still had people in it. The second room was at the furthest point in the resort, and we couldn’t even find it until we happened to bump into someone who had a room right beside the one she had been given. When we entered, it was a mess, and the fridge didn’t work, and there was no shower curtain. Fed up, Alex demanded a different room, taking her dad to the front desk for reinforcement. Another room was provided, however, by this time we had agreed she would stay in our condo unit. The lack of assistance from the resort was atrocious!
I was exhausted and didn’t know if I could take another six days at the resort we were at … maybe the night would be better––a beach party. Alex had a blast, dancing. She looked smashing in her little dress, but soon realized that dancing in the sand required a different type of attire, especially when they started the limbo competition. She ran back to the room to change, but by the time she got back the competition was almost over. I think she would have won. After all, she is a former gymnast and dancer. I had fun taking pictures of her.
Well, I am going to end part two here. I just want to give you a hint, though … it did get better. Stay tuned for part three next week. Until then…


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