Something a little different for the holiday season, which sometimes means going to movies with special people. Friday afternoon, my daughter, who is visiting from Calgary, and I went to see the movie “Parental Guidance.” I was impressed. How so?

Well, first of all, it was a movie that was rated for a general audience, and that is exactuly how it should have been rated. I would not hesitate to take young children to it. There was no violence to speak of, and no unseemly words were spoken. This is a real family movie.

I laughed through much of it – at the irony of the new methods of raising children in today’s world, and I laughed especially hard because friends and I had just been talking about how different some disciplinary methods are today, as opposed to when we grew up.  Toward the end, I also teared up – just a bit.

I don’t want to give away the movie story because I would love for you to go, as a family, and see it. This is a heart-warming movie in which Billy Crystal and Bette Midler did an awesome job as the “weird grandparents,” who, in the end, turned out to be pretty normal! Enough said … for me, this was a Four Star movie – it delivered the goods!

Happy movie going, my friends – blessings to you and your family – Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour, Author



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