Review: Perfect Nightmare

Perfect Nightmare
Perfect Nightmare by John Saul
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

John Saul delves into the dark world of a psychopath obsessed with collecting young girls, and also, as we venture further into the book, a young woman. The perpetrator blends into the scenery, seemlessly; and, with methodical care, he plans each of his kidnappings right down to the last detail.
Enter the Marshall family … They find they must finally sell thier home and move to the city where Mr. Marshall’s job is. The travelling back and forth to the city is getting too much, and they can no longer sustain an apartment in the city for those nights when he has to work too late. Lindsay, the daughter, has the perfect life, and one more year to go before College. She does not want to leave.
The house goes up for sale … a realtor open house is scheduled … the psychopath circles it in his newspaper … he will be able to slip in and out un-noticed … he spends a few minutes in Lindsay’s room … when she gets home from school, she senses that someone had been in her room and had touched her things … she tells her mother, who in turn checks things out but sees nothing strange.
A few days later, there is an open house for the public … the Marshalls have some apartments to look at in the city … Lindsay begs to stay home, saying she will spend the night at her friend’s house. However, as you might have suspected, that is not what happens. Her friend is not going to be home, so Lindsay is forced to go to her house, alone. And, inside, awaiting her return is …

Beware, this story will take you on quite a journey into the mind of a very sick individual, but also into the ability of a mother who is so connected to her daughter that she won’t give up on her quest to find her. I shall say no more … you must read the book to find out everything that happens. A good read for those nights by the fire.

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