The Left of Centre Theatre Festival

Another quiet, non-descript Friday night wondering what to do … not. I decided, on the special invitation from a young friend, to wander into downtown Brantford, ON, and take in a couple of local theatre productions. The presentations were the work of “The Left of Centre Theatre Festival,” which was born earlier this year to replace the annual “Cobblestone Theatre Festival” from Paris, ON.

Jenn, my young friend, had been very excited about the play she was acting in, “Hillary’s Par Four,” written by Annie Evel and directed by Evelyn Participato. Jenn plays the naive niece of Hillary, and she was exposed to the inside world of her aunt and her aunt’s golfing buddies. Mayhem breaks out as news of “an infedelity” taking place within their close-knit little group is revealed, and the golf clubs get left at the course. A comedy with a twist of seriousness. Well done, Jennifer Sywyk. And also to “the foursome” … Yvonne Beaver, Rose Huysentruyt-Closs, Seivon Kwan, Susan McNeil, and the lone male, Peter Frame.

The main attraction of the evening was “Much Ado About Nothing,” written by William Shakespeare, and adapted and directed by Hugh Sutherland, and presented by Trinity Miracle Players and Two Masks Entertainment. Does an age-old story of love and match-making ever grow boring? This production will entertain you, as you follow along with the lives of two head-strong individuals who are sworn to not fall in love and become trapped in the web of marriage. However, others, within the realm of family and freinds begin to plot and plant seeds in the heads of “confirmed bachelor, Benedict,” and the “fiery tempered Beatrice.” A sub-plot of innocent love almost thwarted by a black heart, and some comedic police work all make this an enjoyable production.

One thing that will make this adventure into theatre even more enjoyable is the joy of seeing so many young people pouring their hearts out on stage. When there is so much negative about our youth in the news today, it is nice to see.

There are three more shows this weekend: Saturday afternoon at 2:00, Saturday evening at 7:30, and Sunday afternoon at 2:00. They are being presented in the old Art’s Block building, right across from Harmony Square in downtown Brantford, ON. And, they are well worth the $10.00 admission fee to support young talents!

For more information on these productions, and up-coming events, check out  Happy theatre going, everyone…Signing off for today, Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour, “Writer on the Run!”



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