Review: The Wild Zone: A Novel

The Wild Zone: A Novel
The Wild Zone: A Novel by Joy Fielding
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Joy Fielding’s “Wild Zone” takes you into the ordinary world of her characters – the people who live next door, down the street, in the same city. The people who are just struggling to make it through each day, despite the blows their pasts have pummelled on them. And then, what happens when a select group comes together and their lives become intermingled … that is when the action begins.

Fieldings did a good job of pitting family against family, friend against friend, friend against family when the beautiful and alluringly ellusive woman walks into the bar. The bets are on! Which one of the three men will be the first to “get her.” Suzy, surprisingly, chooses the least likely of the three – Will, the half-brother of Jeff (a real lady’s man). Unbeknowns to the three men, though, Jeff’s girlfriend, Kristin, set it up that way. Jeff is insulted, as is his bosum buddy, Tom, who is not so gifted in the “get a woman” department. Tom is crazy, having been recently discharged from the army for inappropriate behaviour.

Will goes off with Suzy, but Tom follows, obssessed with the fact she has chosen the kid. He discovers that Suzy is married, and that Will did not “seal the deal,” therefore he and Jeff do not have to pay up.

From there, the story spirals into another world. Suzy is an abused wife, and she is looking for someone to help her out of her situation. Is Will the one to do the job, or, would Jeff or Tom be more suitable candidates. Let the games begin.

A page turning mystery that will leave you shocked at the end.

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