Magic Mike!

Well, last night I went to see the movie “Magic Mike” that everyone is raving about. I must say that this was my first time “attending a male strip show!” LOL! Well, that is exactly what it was, mostly. My friends and I had a few laughs, and I sat there thinking to myself, “maybe this is fun, but all the screaming and carrying on – well, that would not be for me.” Now I know for sure why I have never bothered to go to such places.

On the other hand, what Magic Mike did do was give an insight into the world of strippers, this time from a male perspective. That, in my opinion, was the meat of the movie. Would I watch the movie again – probably not. Was it okay for a light night of fun – yeah, I enjoyed it that much.

Have a wonderful day, everyone…

p.s. watch for the baby boom that is supposed to happen; I understand that with the release of Magic Mike and 50 Shades of Gray in the same year our maternity wards could be quite busy next year! LOL!


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  1. davisdiscussions
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 13:58:55

    I wonder what we will call this generation of offspring…


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