Review: Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces
Missing Pieces by Joy Fielding
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Missing Pieces” was jam packed with a number of “life” issues – Kate Sinclair is coming to grips with the early stages of menopause, while raising two teenage daughters – one who is the perfect child, and one who seems like the child from hell; tending to a mother who is in the early throws of Alzhimers; dealing with a husband, who in her mind,tries to avoid family conflict; adolescent feelings for an old highschool sweetheart who just happens to appear, and hits on her at a time in her life when she thinks she needs something exciting; and, to top it all off, having to deal with a sister who is more than a little “off the wall!” Kate’s sister, Jo Lynn, fancies herself in love with a serial killer who is on trial for the murder of 13 women. Jo Lynn drags Kate into her fantasy by forcing her sister to attend court with her, and even go to the prison to visit Colin Friendly.
A lot of women will relate to many of the issues Kate was facing in her life. An interesting and entertaining read.

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