Review: Midnight Bayou

Midnight Bayou
Midnight Bayou by Nora Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed the opening of Midnight Bayou very much, and think, the same as another reviewer that a pre-story of the Manet family would be a great sequel to this story. Twins, both weak in their own way – one good/one evil; a domineering matriarch who cared more for the name and her position in society than she did for those she should have loved; a love story that should never have been, in her mind, yet was, and one that she allowed to be destroyed until she, (whose spirit also could not rest) was forced to relinquish her hold on the old mansion, by the very one whom she thought she had destroyed and eliminated from her family tree.

Jumping into the modern world, Declan, the hero in the story, is a little too good to be true, at times. Rich beyond belief, with no real explanation other than he came from a wealthy family … did he inherit early … did he win a lottery … did I miss the point, or was it not important? Anyway, he falls in love with the Manet mansion, and is drawn to it, unexplainably. Of course, we learn as we read on, why he is drawn to it, and who is controlling him. Of course, he falls in love with Lena, at first sight, without realizing who she is to the story that is going to unfold in his life – just that he is unexplicably drawn to her.

Lena, on the other hand, to me, is a strong character – a believable character. A woman who has caged herself from a hurtful past. She keeps the key to her heart on a gold chain around her neck, and up to this point in her life, she has never offered that key to anyone. She feels a connection to Declan, but fights it, not ever wanting to be vulnerable to any man. She is of the line of descendents of the Manet family which increases the intrigue of the story – which one of them is she?

All in all, the story did not disappoint me as a quick and easy read. It kept me turning the pages. It is nice to see the ghosts of the past resolve their issues and finally be at rest, although I felt the ending was a bit rushed and it did leave me wanting a bit more action.

Midnight Bayou is a good book to curl up in an easy chair with – it will not disappoint you.

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