Review: The Accident

The Accident
The Accident by Linwood Barclay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A friend lent me “The Accident” because of the style the book was written in – first person and third person. When I first started reading, it was only for research to see how that method might work for me in the writing of my third novel in my vampire series…
However, Linwood Barclay’s story drew me into it, quickly, forcing me to keep turning the pages as the lives of Glen Garber and his little girl, Kelly,are literally torn apart by the tragedy of the death of their wife/mother. Glen cannot believe his wife would drink and drive, but the police report said she did, and that she caused the death of two other people. Kelly was being tomented at school, for what her mother did. And then things got worse … other people died … people with connections to Glen’s wife, Sheila … money … counterfiet purses, drugs, building materials … a ring of deception … who to trust, anymore … friends? … co-workers? …
Glen follows the clues, hitting roadblock after roadblock, not sure he believes them to be quite right … but the evidence is in front of him – evidence doesn’t lie – or does it?
“The Accident” is a page turner, from page 1 to 386. Well done, Mr. Barclay.

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