Sneak Peek :-)

Well, it is almost time to set the keyboard aside on weekends and hit the road again. Book two in the “Night’s” vampire trilogy, “Night’s Children,” has gone live!

“Night’s Children” is the continuation of Virginia’s story as she deals with what for most of us would be considered everyday life. But, for Virginia and her half-vampire child, the son of Count Basarab Musat, king of the vampire world, it is not quite like our everyday lives. Virginia is forced to stay indoors during daylight hours, unless she covers Santan completely. She cannot socialize with other young mothers – how would she explain her son’s oddities to them? She lives in the constant fear that the count will return for his son, and strip him from her arms. Yet, at the same time, Virginia longs to return to the count’s arms. In essence – Virginia is torn between the two worlds – vampire and human. In the end, which one will she choose. I am afraid you will have to wait until book 3 for that answer, but, in the meantime, pick up a copy of “Night’s Children” and if you don’t have your copy of book 1 in the series, “Night’s Gift,” feel free to get one of those too.  Both books are available at your favorite book store, or on-line retailer. If you wish a personally signed copy, you may order from my web-site

Have a wonderful day, everyone – happy reading – may the goddess of ideas forever be at your finger tips, speeding them along the keyboards!


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