The Joys of Being Over 70!

Did you know that once you hit the ripe age of 70, if you are in an accident you will have to write a driver’s test, and take a road test – whether it was your fault or not! This has happened to my father who has a clean driving record for over 60 years. Yes…he is 80+ in years. We decided that it would be best for him to take a driving lesson, as well, just to brush up on any new things that might have cropped up over the years. Well, wouldn’t you know it – the instructor could not find a thing wrong with his driving. Then, my father went over and wrote his driver test – and, wouldn’t you know it – he got 100%. I am not sure if I could do that well. So, on Friday he goes for the driving test – no reason for him not to pass, and with that passing this horrible event that has frustrated him and worried him will pass, as well.

I guess I should get to my actual point here, shouldn’t I. Why is it that we pick on a senior in such a manner, yet young people and middle-aged people do not have to go through the same scenario if they are in an accident. Where is the justice? Are there seniors who should not be driving – probably. Are there young people who should not be driving – probably. Are there middleaged people who should not be driving – probably. So, why not treat us all equally. People over 80 have to write a written test every 2 years…hmmm…Maybe we should all do a written test every so often – road test, as well…just a thought, folks – any comments or experiences you have come across – lets start a revolution here – consider this – we will all hit 70 sooner or later…Till next time…signing out for the evening…Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour, Writer on the Run!


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